For Hosts

How can I register as a Partner on EasyCookly?
It’s very easy to list your cooking or food experiences online. All you have to do is register a Partner account on our website and follow the steps. P/s: it’s totally free to sign-up as a host. We only charge a standard commission rate for successful bookings.
Who can list on EasyCookly?
Are you a talented foodie? Or do you have an incredible cooking skill that you would love to share to our travelers worldwide? Become a host by simply creating your own experience on our website. Our offers include: Food Experiences: Share your passion for food with people from all over the world, make new friends and create connections. You can invite guests at your house for a authentic homemade meal or you can take guests through the city and let them taste the local cuisine or teach them how to make a Local Vietnamese lunch.
Can businesses or travel agents offer culinary experiences on EasyCookly?
EasyCookly is a peer-to-peer marketplace advertising cooking experiences and food experiences that are provided by individuals. For those who advertise their services on EasyCookly, you are free to have your own business but please avoid corporate attributes as logo, company name, etc. That is not allowed on our website. Requirements for our hosts: The individual showing on the profile and experience on EasyCookly. This person will always be the one providing the experience and services and is the person who interacts with our guests. As a host, you are committed to represent EasyCookly while interacting with the guests. Don’t sell any other services that are not advertised through the EasyCookly platform initially.
What is the EasyCookly commission fee?
EasyCookly asks a transparent service fee which is 15% of the total guest price for your own experiences. For Example: You create a Cooking experience on our website that cost USD $60. EasyCookly commission rate 15% = USD $9. The amount you receive from EasyCookly to your PayPal account = USD $51.
How the host earnings are calculated?
Host earnings are calculated from the customer price as follows: Total price of the tour - EasyCookly 15% service fee - additional expenses during the experience (if any) = Host' real income.
Do I sign any contract with EasyCookly to offer the cooking experiences?
EasyCookly is an online marketplace advertising activities that are provided by passionate locals. While being a local host at EasyCookly you work on a freelance base and there is no employment agreement between the two parties. This means that you are responsible for the following: Managing your bookings, availability and timely communication with the customers. Making arrangements to provide services on time. Declaring your taxes as a freelancer according to the local laws. Arranging your personal insurance while providing the services (host' choice).
Can I become a host on EasyCookly if I already have a full time job?
EasyCookly is a peer-to-peer marketplace that advertises your experiences and services as a host. You are free to manage your own availability and adjust it to your personal schedule.
Review for our hosts
In case of a guest complaint, our team will get in touch with you to investigate the situation. We are here to support both our guests and hosts in case of a negative experience. EasyCookly team can make the decision to unpublish a host in case complaints or concerns from the guests reoccur multiple times. Every guest can leave a review for his/her experience with a host at the end of their tour. The more positive reviews you get, the better are your chances to attract more bookings!
Support from EasyCookly
Our headquarters are located in the Vietnam and we do not have local offices in each destination. EasyCookly offers services and support for hosts and travellers online, via social media channels and telephone.
How will I get paid for my food & cooking experiences that I list on EasyCookly website?
To protect our hosts in case the guests do not show up or cancel the experience in the last minute, we use PayPal as a major payout method for all of our hosts on EasyCookly. With the PayPal payment method the transaction is completed through our secure payment system and PayPal's international payment system, and hence we can guarantee you’ll still receive the money.
When do I get paid?
You will get paid via Paypal transfer that will be sent out to you within 3 working days after your experience takes place. So please update your PayPal email correctly in your account setting.
Do I need to pay tax as a host on EasyCookly?
EasyCookly is an online marketplace where travellers meets local hosts (suppliers). Either you are offering services on EasyCookly as a private person or business: Your net income (after deducting expenses) should be reported as an income with your local tax authorities for them to establish the amount of personal/corporate income tax you have to pay as an individual/business. Please make sure you take a close look at the local taxation and value added tax rules and guidelines in your country. Even though we as EasyCookly will try in any way possible for you to get it right, you (as a host) are solely responsible for declaring and paying all taxes on the services you perform for the travellers.
Is there an extra fee for receiving money through PayPal?
With Paypal payment there is no additional fee applied for you. However, your local bank and PayPal can apply a transfer fee in case you want to withdraw the money out of your PayPal account to your local bank account. Please consult PayPal and your local bank for more information.
What should I do after creating an experience on EasyCookly?
After listing your experience on our website, you’ll be contacted by one of our local ambassadors to review your experience. Our ambassadors are team members who will verify and photograph your experiences before they get published on A visit by our ambassador is a great opportunity to get awesome photos and to ask all the questions that go through your head.

Booking Related Questions

How do I contact my guests?
Once you’ve listed your experience(s) on EasyCookly, guests will be able to make a booking directly on the platform. After the traveller book the experience provided by you (as a host), you’ll receive the contact details of the guest to your contact email's inbox and they will receive yours to make the communication faster and easier. So please take the initiative by sending them a confirmation or simply say hello to your guests. Guests love to hear from you after they made a booking or sent an email. Let them know you are excited too! Reach out to them and ask their interests so you can offer the guests an amazing culinary experience.
Contacting EasyCookly Team
For bookings more than 72 hours in advance or any other requests please send us an e-mail to Urgent booking related questions (72 hours or less prior to the trip) by phone call to our office here: +84 94 531 3280 or Whatsapp message to +84 94 531 3280. Further inquiries, please visit:

For Guests

How does EasyCookly work?
EasyCookly offers authentic Home cooking classes, Homemade meals and Food Experiences with locals for travellers in cities worldwide.
How do I make a booking on EasyCookly?
To book our authentic cooking and food experiences, please follow these easy steps: Select your destination - Browse through the offers available in the destination - Select the one you like the most - Pick the date and starting time of your choice to see availability - Hit the button “Book now” to complete your reservation.
How do I create an account?
It's very simple and easy. All you have to do is hit the “Sign up” button and use your Facebook/Google profile or e-mail address to create a profile on EasyCookly. Additionally, you are automatically granted an account on our platform after you purchase an experience.
Delete your account?
Please drop us an e-mail:, and we will take care of that for you.
How do I pay for my booking on EasyCookly?
You can pay for your experience through PayPal and Stripe using your International Debit/Credit Card.
Do I need to wait for my reservation request to be confirmed by the hosts?
No. Our system accepts booking instantly so you can secure a spot for your favorite food experience immediately.

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