42 best Japanese foods everyone should try

There is so much more to Japanese cuisine than sushi and ramen. From Japanese-style barbecue to hibachi, Japanese cuisine has a huge diversity of regional and seasonal dishes. Plus, the Japanese diet — generally healthy and light — is sometimes credited with longevity. Here are the 42 amazing dishes to try in Japan. Tonkatsu Tonkatsu […]

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Why You Should Take A Private Cooking Class During Your Travel

Private cooking classes are so much fun!  Who wouldn’t want to learn how to cook like a personal chef in Houston, TX? Being taught some of the secrets by our own chef Francesco Casetta is the best thing to do.  It’s one of the most enjoyable things around.  It’s like having access to chef-prepared meals […]

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5 Reasons Why I Love Cooking Classes While Travelling

One of my obsessions while travelling is cooking classes. Beyond sight-seeing, meeting new people, shamelessly taking free walking tours, and endless amounts of Instagram posts, one of the best parts about travel has always been the food.  At the core of it, experiential travel is the fundamental shift that we’re seeing which is only for […]

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Amazing Cooking Classes in Asia

For me, the best souvenirs are rarely the cheap trinkets from travel, but the skills acquired along the way. As these are the souvenirs that just keep on giving. And as someone who travels almost solely for food, this means the techniques and recipes I’ve picked up along the way are pretty much invaluable. Including […]

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A Vegan Cooking Class Below Will Change The Way You Think Eating ‘Healthy’

We have all thought about it at least once: what do vegans eat? Cooking classes at SunCafe are unlike any other class out there – these classes are presented in a lively and fun demonstration format! Learn how to prepare raw and vegan meals while also getting an overview of the health benefits eating plant-based food has to offer. […]

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